The Minimalist Muse

I’m Lian, a fashion-freak from Holland. I love fashion, I love writing, I love inspiring and being inspired. What better way to express these things than through a blog? So yes, I’m a fashion blogger. Am I a fashion pro? No. I’m just playing around with my taste of fashion; I’m a Fashion Hoax. Enjoy!

As a blogger, I’m always looking for great spots to shoot my outfits. I love my hometown, Groningen, in the Netherlands. It’s a small place compared to Amsterdam, but I love it even more because of that.  It’s really easy-going and down-to-earth. Unfortunately, there are limited choices for places to shoot outfits in Groningen, so, every now and then, I go on trips with my photographer, Esmee, to shoot some looks in the most inspiring backdrops.

Last week, we went to Paris, and you wouldn’t be surprised to hear me say that it’s the perfect city to shoot outfits. Look at these Paris snapshots, aren’t they already amazing? We absolutely loved being surrounded by beautiful Parisian spots like Le Palais Royal, and, as you can see, we had some time to have a quick tea outside.

When you’re in Paris, visiting Le Palais Royal will make you feel like a princess – a cool princess though. I combined this girly Keepsake dress with my leather jacket from Mango. These CMG shoes complete the look as they are feminine yet very edgy, just like the rest of the look.

There are two colors I love the most: black and white. When I go for a black and white outfit, I love going black and white all the way, which makes these shoes from CMG absolutely perfect for me. I wore them with a white Finders Keepers skirt, and, to make the look a bit more casual, I added my black H&M jumper to it.

We didn’t see much of Paris, because we were so busy shooting photos. A blogger’s life is quite hectic but at least it entails a lot of traveling!  

When I arrived home, there where packages waiting for me, and, I must say, receiving new goodies definitely is one of the perks of being a blogger! After taking some snapshots of my new black essentials, I was off to my favorite coffee shop, Coffee Company, to do some blogging. After getting some work done, I shot some outfits with a blogger friend at a new spot in Groningen, right below a church.

I’m in love with these CMG leopard-printed heels! They’re stylish, comfy, and a little edgy thanks to the leopard detailing. Leopard prints have a tendency to be a bit tacky, but not when styled with the right details. So I decided to wear them with a laid-back outfit: baggy jeans from Pepe Jeans, an oversized jumper from H&M, and my favorite Mango leather jacket. 

I really like how the photos turned out, so maybe Groningen isn’t that bad after all! Although, I must say, I wouldn’t want to miss out on those awesome shooting trips to Paris!! ;-) 

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