The Jetsetter’s Beauty Essentials

Traveling the world is definitely one of our favorite hobbies. We get to experience another city, another culture, another landscape. But you can’t deny that traveling, and its preparations, entail a lot of stress. Packing all your necessities into your carry-on luggage is a challenge, and we certainly wouldn’t settle on leaving some of our beauty essentials behind!

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With airlines limiting our baggage weight and restricting the types of products we can bring with us, allow us to help you pick out which items in your beauty bag to take with you on that next trip. Let us help you streamline the beauty essentials to bring on your trip to make sure the contents of your beauty bag are compact and airline-safe!

Moisturizer with SPF

A rule of thumb when taking makeup in liquid form, make sure they’re in travel size. Airlines only allow liquids in your hand-carry purse when they’re in containers with a maximum volume of 100mL. Since you can’t possibly travel with dry skin, bring a small tube of moisturizer with you. A tube of moisturizer is a non-negotiable, especially since the climates of other countries can be harsh and drying on the skin. Make sure your moisturizer contains SPF, which eliminates having to bring a separate bottle of sunscreen. Even when traveling to a non-tropical country, it’s important not to skip on this product to protect your skin from UV rays while keeping it soft and moisturized.

SPF Foundation

An important beauty commandment is to never skip the foundation before applying makeup, so make sure you take one with you. Go for a portable SPF foundation when you’re on the go. This will help you avoid spillage during application and will give you less liquids to worry about.

Lip and cheek tint

One important tip when packing beauty products for travel: opt for multi-taskers, which will definitely help you keep that beauty bag light. Instead of packing your blush, brush, and lip color, go for a double-duty lip and cheek tint. A singular tube will already be able to keep your cheeks and puckers colored. Pick a tube that is moisturizing to make sure your lips are chap-free during your trip.

Brow mascara

With current beauty trends emphasizing the importance of well-groomed and filled-in brows, do not forget to make sure your eyebrows are just that. Brow mascaras are the easiest brow product to work with because it adds volume, fills in sparse areas, and tames long strands without the harsh outlines. That’s a multi-tasker in a small tube! Pick a shade lighter than your skin for eyebrows that are au naturel and not shocking and overpowering.


With airlines’ strict rules on carrying liquids, having a pack of wipes on you will save you a lot of time and hassle! These little wonders can do so much to keep you looking fresh out of a long-haul flight. Plus, you can keep it within reach throughout your trip. Remove makeup and keep your face and hands feeling clean and fresh throughout your travels with this handy essential.

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