Springing into Style

After months of the freezing cold, wearing multiple layered outfits, and yearning for my skirts, it's finally getting warmer. As a blogger on the go, I'm usually always busy. But this time, there are no trips to Paris, Tel Aviv, or Copenhagen. I enjoyed my time in my hometown Groningen.

My hometown looks even better when the sun in showing itself through the clouds while walking towards a coffee spot to work. I did enjoy a little pit-stop outside, just sitting on some stairs in the sun. Wearing sandals as you can see. With a colorful pair, I would always keep the rest of the outfit simple. I wore this bright red pair with a black blazer, a black top, a pair of jeans, and designer sunnies.

As you can see, I’m too excited now that spring is almost here! I wore this skirt to welcome the warmer weather. This nude skirt fits perfectly with my new CMG nude heels! I finished the look by contrasting the skirt with a warm leather jacket. 

Spring gets me excited about colors, even though I'm a monochrome kind of gal. Getting myself this colorful blouse was quite something for me. Since this top fit right into the feel of spring, it’s only right to wear it with shoes that show off your feet. The top’s orange and red tones go perfectly with my new brown lace-up flats. I’m in love with the retro feel the lace-up detail gives off! 

When I'm not working in Groningen, I'm often found in Amsterdam. Last week, I enjoyed a working lunch at a big food hall where I ate way too many burgers and fries for my own good. I wore this cool look to Amsterdam. These peep-toe heels are a must-have because you can absolutely wear them with anything! Plus, when I travel, I want to make sure I keep warm as it get cold quite fast when traveling at night. So this fur coat was necessary! If my feet get cold in my black sandals, at least my upper body has to stay warm.

The best part about spring? You can add colors back into your wardrobe again, and there’s no wind or rain to ruin your good hair day!