Laid-back Sophisticate

Traveling while taking a break from the daily grind of work is something I’ve been dying to have. I was having a serious case of wanderlust while taking these outfit shots at home in Groningen. I was planning for my next getaway to Tel Aviv, you see. I was choosing which from three pairs of gorgeous CMG shoes I should take with me! 

These black boots are totally hot right now! I wore them with a pair of cropped denim. Putting on this furry textured jacket added some unexpected twist to this look as well. Don’t you just love it?


As for these coral pumps, the perfect way to do them justice is to wear them with an all-black look, so the shoes stood out. A color like coral should, anyway! 

Last but not least, I wore these awesome black, white, and gold sandals with a matching black and white look. The only thing missing in this outfit is a gold jacket or something, but that would already be too much. They’re so understated yet the gold detailing stands out in this monochromatic look.

To match these looks, I took some snapshots during the month, I’m showing you where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I spent a lot of time working in my hometown, Groningen. Plus, I had a great lunch meeting with Vogue in Amsterdam right before I left for my trip.

As I am writing this, I’m already in the beautiful and sunny Tel Aviv! I ended up taking the sandals with me. They’re so weather-appropriate! I can wear them with the summery looks I have planned for this trip. Because everything is so pretty here, I am sharing with you some snapshots of the city.

 I hope they don’t make you too jealous! Until next month, ladies!