Keeping it Chic

Summer is here and the heat can sometimes be unbearable. On days like those I like to wear as little clothes as possible and they have to be made of natural fabrics. Cotton and denim do the trick for me! We shot this weekend outfit near an old palace in the center of Lviv, which is really beautiful in the summer time and, as a bonus, it’s right where we usually start our weekend promenades.

I fell so in love with my comfy blue CMG sandals, I decided to enhance the color by wearing everything blue. A straw hat was rather a necessity than a fashionable accessory this time.

What I love about neutral pump shoes is that they elongate legs and elevate any kind of outfit. This outfit here is my go-to choice when it comes to dressing for business meetings. I never stick to a strict dress code, because my meetings usually take place outside the office, so in my case adding a pair of beige pumps to an otherwise simple summer outfit made a big difference.

I wore this striped dress to a casual brunch with the girls and since my outfit palette was black and white, I decided to spice things up a bit with my Michael Kors bag that I love wearing in summer. Plus, I love the idea of mixing and matching prints as what I did with my bag and dress, definitely exudes a fresh look. These black lace-up flats from CMG were the perfect choice for a long walk we had downtown, they were so comfy and light I could barely feel them on my feet.