In the Details

I find sandals and pumps to be the sexiest shoes. They sound a bit too cold to wear in the Netherlands, but whatever! We’re used to braving the cold, right?! Plus, when it’s cold outside, it even feels better when you get home and cuddle up with your love. 

I wore my new brown heeled sandals with a camel coat, because I like it when colors match. Having a black ensemble underneath makes the colors stand out more!

Then, I paired my new grey pumps with my new Levi’s jeans and a nice warm faux fur jacket. I told you it was cold! By wearing neutrals, I made the shoes truly speak for themselves! 

I’ve been away in Amsterdam and Copenhagen during the past few weeks for fashion and video projects, and for Copenhagen Fashion Week. You can check out some snapshots from my stay in Amsterdam to sightseeing in Copenhagen, from quick bites on the go to fashion shows. I had a lot of fun, but I’m also glad to be home with the boy again. There’s truly nothing like home!