Channeling Your Inner Kate Middleton

The international fashion press is always on the lookout for what Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, would be wearing – and so are we. Kate has always been an epitome of royalty; classy, confident, and feminine. The “Kate-effect” prompted the establishment of websites dedicated to monitoring what Kate wore.

What makes Kate a style icon is that her wardrobe is elegant, simple, and definitive of who she is. She wears clothing from brands such as Reiss, Burberry, and Zara – which makes her style attainable and relatable.

Here’s the best of Kate Middleton fashion throughout the years and how you can channel it yourself:

Pretty Pastels

Kate has mastered the art of wearing pastel colors. She’d often go for head-to-toe pastels or a dress plus nude pumps, which brings out the classy and feminine woman in her.

Pastel colors can be quite a challenge to style, but they do wonders once you match them perfectly well with your skin tone. Wear an ensemble with the same shade or similar hues to bring out an elegant look.

Chic Blazers

There is a stigma that wearing a blazer means that you are going to work. Wearing a blazer exudes sophistication, yes, but it can be classy as well. Blazers are understated – they go with anything when you style them well. 

Keep it simple like Kate, or add a couple of accessories to establish your personal style.  You can wear a blazer with pants, skirts, and shorts. Pair them with heels or flats – blazers are versatile, so it would be ideal to invest on them.

Versatile Prints

You’d rarely see Kate wearing patterns, but when she does, it’s definitely a head-turner. She’d wear a variety of florals, paisleys, and plaids. The beauty of her style is that it’s simple, elegant, classy, and it defines her very well. 

Do not go overboard with the patterns. You can mix and match patterns, like stripes and plaids, but add colors if you must to balance it out. One of the theories of fashion is that “less is more,” and Kate has definitely mastered this with sophisticated elegance.

Classic Pants

A reminder of Kate’s Cinderella story is when she’s seen wearing a pair of pants like a regular person does. She’d wear her pants with a pair of flats, boots, or wedges. 

Like Kate, you can wear your pants with almost anything, for these are one of the most timeless  items on your closet. 

Couture Dresses

What would a homage to Kate be without her evening dresses? Every time Kate goes out for a red carpet event or a banquet, she is always dressed impeccably.

Most of the time, your dress can stand alone as it is. When going to a formal event, your accessories should accentuate your dress. Kate’s notable accessories would be her engagement ring, her earrings, and her clutch. 

Channeling your inner Kate is all about knowing your personal style and reflecting that in every piece you have that completes your ensemble.