Celebrity Watch: Rainy Day Street Styles

Once again, it’s the season to bundle up and to drink loads of coffee. It’s the time to make sure that you’re warm enough for the sweater weather.

The downpour can also ruin our ensemble – but we can learn a thing or two from these celebrities who do not let the season rain on their parade. 

Victoria Beckham

Victoria has always been hot in the eyes of the fashion press. She is, after all, a former Spice Girl, the wife of David Beckham, and a renowned fashion designer. Also, she is an epitome of refined elegance; known for her classy and sophisticated style, her heels, and her poker face.

Victoria’s high-heeled boots make her legs look longer than it is. It also complements her sophistication. Investing in a good pair of boots can go a long way. Fashion is all about expressing who you are, and she showed us how.

Katie Holmes

Sometimes it feels that Katie Holmes is still playing her role in President’s Daughter when she pulls of trendy ensembles. When going out for a stroll, Katie carries herself with poise, even if she’s wearing the most casual outfit.

Like Katie, you can keep it casual and classy at the same time. Leather gives off a cool, sleek vibe. The beauty with it is that you don’t have to style it elaborately – Katie wore a simple blouse or jeans with a leather top, jacket, and pants. 

Emma Watson

Emma is the epitome of ethereal beauty. She is the true-to-life version of her characters Hermione and Belle.  She exudes the sensible charm of her characters in real life, which is why she is loved by many.

Her style is both feminine and versatile. Be your own Emma by investing on blazers. You can pair them with a classy pair of pants and heels or heeled boots this rainy season.

Anne Hathaway

The chic queen of Genovia who was once an assistant for the fashion magazine Runway has learned a thing or two from the evolution of her fashion-forward characters.

Anne’s fashion is laid-back, as seen with her stylish coats. Jackets are essential during the rainy season. You’ll never know when you’d need one, especially when it’s chilly or raining.

Natalie Portman

There is something about Natalie’s aura that exudes timeless elegance. No matter what role she plays or what she is wearing, Natalie is a classic beauty who has captivated our hearts. Her style is just like who she is as a person: simplistic and laid-back with a dash of femininity.

You can get your rainy day outfit inspiration from her style. Go for a simple pair of pants and jacket. Wear a classic pair of boots and brogues – these are perfect for any occasion. 

Take your cue from these celebrities – don’t go overboard this season if you don’t want your parade to get soaked in the rain. 

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